This is our core business; we have developed specific expertise in the search of senior, top quality professionals in the Packaging, Material Handling and Supply Chain industries. This expertise combines an understanding of the requirements of the fast-changing business environment, a firm grasp of the industries of different markets, and a proven methodology.

We believe that every assignment is unique. Before we undertake a new search assignment, we first develop a full understanding of the client and the requirements. We discuss the client's needs and candidate profile based on industry know-how and on our experience of the local market. We develop and agree on the search strategy together with the client.

Our research targets appropriate organizations in order to identify the ideal candidate for each role. We also reach a wide range of contacts from the industry and our research ensures that this approach identifies those individuals who possess the required professional and personal profile.

We contact and screen all potential candidates identified through the search process. Those people who we believe are suitable, available and interested are invited to attend a further interview with Catapult consultants. We then review and assess competencies and investigate to what level the person matches the criteria related to the position. We then present a shortlist of the most appropriate candidates for the role.

We support our client in the preparation and presentation of the offer followed by follow-up meetings with client and candidate to help ensure successful integration of candidate into new organization.

We present our capabilities objectively and only take on assignments that we believe to complete successfully.


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